What is NEWART?

A team of professionals who are experts in eye photography and artistic design that offers you an optimized high-resolution image of your iris, with a personalized design.

Why the IRIS?

Each person's iris is unique. Its design is genetic and therefore, an iris scanner is much more reliable than our fingerprint. This is because it has multiple irregularities, valleys and hills, wrinkles and plateaus, and a combination of colors that make it a fascinating and unrepeatable art gem.

How are the PHOTOS taken?

In three ways: at home with the Eye Selfie App, at NEWART Barcelona, or in a big mall center (coming soon).

What FORMATS can you choose?

There are three options: digital image (pdf, jpg, png), printed on paper, or stamped on the article or garment of your choice. You can also apply a special artistic design.


By email, courier at home or by hand at NEWART Barcelona. 

NEWART can be a 100% online service

at home, although we will be delighted to meet you personally.

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